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Online Examination Management System (OEMS)

Online Examination System (Customized for Schools or Organization)
This is an online examination application that enable the school or companies to set computer base exams for candidates and students.

Admin Features:
1. Login
2. Control Panel or Dashboard
3. Manage Subjects
4. Manage Test
5. Manage Questions (Add question, Options-(A, B, C, D), Add Correct option, Add Mark)
6. Manage Candidate
7. Manage Result (View Test summary and attempted candidate with score)
8. Set valid dates for test
9. Create test code for each test
10. Set time for each test (This is going to count down)

Candidate Features:
1. Registration
2. Login
3. Control Panel or Dashboard
4. Edit Profile
5. Sample Test
6. Take Test
7. Resume Test (Candidate cannot pause test but in case system shutdown unexpectedly, the timer will pause and continue once the candidate login again)
8. View and Print Result