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StockPiler - Stock & Sales Management System (SSMS)

Maintaining records of Stock and Sales is a difficult job as the management has to keep track of number of products going out of business.

StockPiler was designed as a detailed transaction management tool for your daily business operations.

The data system contains four major components: Stock, Sales, Debtors and Expenses Management System.

This Application was designed to help you manage your daily sales activities from tracking Sales to Debtors reports etc. We built the database modules to provide you with the sophisticated data entry and reporting tools that your business needs, we hope you'll find as a friendly and easy to use environment.

Key features of the SSMS (Stock & Sales Management System) :

+ It enables you to add new Items, Products or Materials to your Stock record.
+ It allows update, delete, and search of Products or Materials.
+ Sales can be made through StockPiler.
+ Issue Receipt to your Customer/ Clients.
+ Keep track of Debtors.
+ Manage your Expenses.
+ Check your Stock Chart.
+ Send Electronic Mail (E-Mail).
+ Control Panel for Administrator and Users.
+ Enable change of Password.
+ Secure with difference Login privileges.
+ Enables you to generate report such as Stock, Sales, Debtors, Debt-Payment, Expenses and save them as either Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Portable Document Format(PDF) with only Administrator's privilege.
+ Ability to check Summary of Reports.
+ Administrator has the privilege to create Users.
+ StockPiler User can Customize the Software by using their Company’s Name, Address, E-Mail, Phone Numbers and Logo.
+ Quick checks for Products or Material using Material Code.
+ User friendly (Single Document Interface).